Children’s Activities During Your In-Home Date Night

Date Night is so important to keeping you and your spouse connected and invested in each other. With the daily demands of life, finding time alone can be very difficult, especially if you have kids. We’ve put together a short list of ideas to keep your kiddos occupied to ensure you both get some needed time together!

For Younger Kids

Activity Box: Make an activity box for each of your kids with things to entertain them and keep them busy while you are on your date night.  Don’t let them know what you put in it so they’ll be surprised.  You might include items such as coloring activities, card games, books, magnet activities, puzzles, crafts, etc. For more ideas, check out this resource:

Quiet Boxes for School-Aged Children

Special Project: Give them a “special” project to work on while you are on your date and invite them to share it with you at the end of the evening. Some ideas include designing and decorating a gift for their grandparents, writing letters to their cousins, or searching cookbooks to find recipes to cook.

For Tweens and Older:

Give them a challenge to complete: Some ideas include learning to create something out of origami, creating a photo book for a family member, or doing a jigsaw puzzle. Once your date is over, you can either help them complete the task or have them teach you how they did it.

Put their planning skills to work: Have them plan their dream family vacation with details of how you would travel, where you would stay, what you would do, etc. The next day, invite each of your kids to share their presentation for their dream family vacation and explain why it would be special to them. If they aren’t into traveling, have them design their dream bedroom, explore their dream career, or investigate something else that fits their interests.